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7/8/12 07:52 pm

The feeling when you notice that the *excellent, long* Clint / Coulson fic that you have been reading (in FFNet of all places!) was actually only a chaper 7/8 of a even more excellent and longer fic <3

Check it out!

6/30/12 07:49 am - Clint/Coulson forewah :)

You know I have never been into movie fandoms, as there were never enough canon for me to built up anything relevant? Well... Because Avengers for the win! <3 And especially Clint/Coulson, because.. They allow me to revisit my kink for broken characters, I guess. And you know why there is no screen shots about them? Because in the movie(s), they aren't on camera at the same time at all! There is like 47 seconds of radio contact between them in Thor, and that's it. But nah, that doesn't stop us from shipping them like mad.

Also the Clint/Natasha relationship is great (and even canon), it reminds me of Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin. A platonic and almost co-dependent relationship between a strong woman and a messed up man? One can't stop revisiting her childhood kicks, it seems like.

I'm still writing in my comfort zone, though. Adam/Sauli Citizen Vein AU coming near you in about a month or so.

6/16/12 10:59 pm

- Thor, watched, check. Captain America, watched, check. (Iron Man, skipped) -> Avengers, watched, check. *Cracks knuckles* Now, where was that Avengers fic... Any recs?

(also got my newest Adam Lambert fic in a pretty good condition.)

One week to vacation, yay! (Though I have to go back in two weeks, work a week and then take the rest, no yay.)

6/1/12 09:58 pm

I didn't notice it before, but there is a mpreg sub plot in the NCOE video.



6/1/12 08:09 am - A sign of life

Just to let you know that I'm still alive! Just overworked and burn-outty and other real life crap. I haven't even had the time to keep up with my friends list for months... (which makes interesting situations when friends meet with me in irl and automatically assume I now what is happening in their lives.) The only lj life that I have done in the near months is basically hang in fyentertainment in anon or with my sock account. (yeah, I'm those who feel burned the one two times they were made fun of me there. I'm that shallow.) but now I decided to not give a fuck and stay logged in with my main account.

But! Still writing fics, even though slooowwwly. Too bad that most of the great writers have moved on from Adam Lambert fandom. (on the other hand, that means that *any* Adam/Sauli fic will be read like candy, heh.)

Watched the season end of Hawaii 5-O. Yesterday. So what then? My quota of Oddly Addicting Cheap Summer TV is still empty. Empty! How about that?

EDIT: *catches up with friends list* There are good writers in Adam fandom and good Adam/Sauli fic around \o/

3/11/12 09:48 pm

Long time no see! My disappearance can be mostly blamed to too much work. Twelve hour workdays (with no overtime pay) makes Emmuzka one cranky woman. After that, I'll have energy only to lurk in fyentertainment to get my Adam fix and then go to bed.

There is one interesting thing going on, though: I'm participating in a Finnish television show! It's a weird mix of reality television and documentary, and it's about 30-something independent single career women and why they are single. The reality part comes from it being also a dating show, ha.

I applied just for shit and giggles, and lo, they loved to take me in as one of their "heroines". At first it was super interesting, but now it's getting a bit tedious. I will be sacrificing a lot of weekends. We don't get paid per se, but we do receive a set sum for our troubles.

The show comes out in the fall and there is always a possibility that people will actually watch it and I will be recognized on the street... Fortunately it's produced by YLE so the show doesn't come with interviews or any kind of mandatory involvement in advertising it. Finnish tabloids make headlines from reality television all the time, but that's not because they shows would be particularly interesting. It's because the same companies own the tabloids and the commercial television channels, so it's all just a one big cross-promoting hoopla.

..So I live in hope that I won't end up as people's coffee break conversation topic.

10/30/11 08:59 am

Project Accessory \0/ for the win! It's like the "Just Desserts" of Project Runway. There is obviously some challenges; showing the contestants making 200 hoop rings just isn't very thrilling. Also, the mentoring woman, the Tim Gun of the show, isn't up to his level, at least not yet. Also, why there is an accessory wall in a accessory-making contest?

Once Upon a Time... Hmm. I'll have to see a few more episodes to see how it goes. It's written by Jane Espenson so it's full of kick-ass women, but my little fanfic-loving heart didn't find any character for me to actually care about.

Dropped both Monte Pittman and Tommy Joe from my Twitter list, Monte for being an douchebag and Tommy for being violence-approving dimwit. #teamcleaslate, people.

Real life:
What else? Last nigh two friends of mine dragged me to sing karaoke, and of course I had to do "If I had You", just because it was there. The MotörHead t-shirt wearing bunch at the next table hadn't a clue about what or who I was singing..

Also, it continues to get grazier and crazier at work, the next person is leaving on December and no new recruits in sight. We'll probably all die of exhaustion come the February-March busy time.

10/5/11 09:48 pm

Dear Fic writer,

Hello! I'm one of those who read your fic but haven't commented (so far). First, a disclaimer: When people talk about commenting, I take it to mean the same as feedback. You asked for comments, and I know plenty of people who think that you should comment only about positive things. So I don't think if you really welcome actual feedback, as you didn't ask for it. But here it goes anyway.

So, no commenting so far. That's because I feel so ambivalent towards this fic. I love the plot and I can't wait for another chapter, but when I get to actually read it, the way it's written dampens down my enthusiasm. You know, the way some words are continuously written wrong (suit/suite), how there are sentences like "I’m wondering are they are going to get us out of here alive", the use of the singer/the finnish boy/they younger man/the soldier instead of their names (a personal pet peewee of mine), the odd writing quirks ("the younger brother looked just like his older brother, only younger") and the instances where people are simply, in my view, out of character (Neil yelling Adam to stop in the first chapter, and Adam being all "oh, hilarious!" about it.) Also, you can't use spit as lube, not if you aren't a masochist.

So every time a see a new chapter I'm all yay! about it, and afterwards I feel only "yeah... end of that chapter." So for my shame I tell you that it's easier to just not comment. I don't think you would enjoy much me being all "How stupid is your Sauli anyway, not seeing the situation?" on you in every single chapter.

Love, Emmuzka

9/26/11 07:51 pm - \0/ ! Fall Season !

  • Hawaii Five-O! The Mentalist! Supernatural! Got to love the fall season!
  • X Factor... Meh. I hope that it gets better. I want to get swooped of my feet by some crazy talent that makes me feel personally attached. Not counting on it, though. I already got my Adam Lambert. I also promised to watch X Factor for a friend and then report to her when/if it gets interesting. Another approach would be to wait if there will be buzz about anyone particular, and only after that check him/her out. /believer of the power of social media :)
  • Checked out New Girl and it was entertaining, if a bit too predictable. I kinda liked it, will follow. (for now)
  • Also, I'm waiting for Once Upon a Time. When is it starting again?

    Any other series that you would like to pimp me? I'm open for suggestions \0/ !
  • 9/11/11 08:16 am

    So. Where is all the Savage Garden and Tears for Fears slash?

    (The problem with getting too comfortable with Delicious and AO3: You miss most of the non-active stuff.)
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